Generate Layout

Before reflashing a layout, you need to generate your layout (keymap) first. This is similar to other keyboards which use TKG solution. Please refer to some documents of TMK and TKG for more details.


You can start with a common template as follows.

Layout template


  • Use mouse to select key and use arrow keys to move key.
  • Press ? key for more helps.

Here is a exported Fn code for the above template. You can import it into TKG from "Menu > Tools > Import Fn".


Built-in function

The RGB LEDs on the bottom of Red Scarf II+ can be controller by both remote and Fn built-in function.

A photo of remote

The following table explains the features of built-in function which used to control RGB LEDs.

Name Option Remote Button Description
RGB On - Row1,Col3 Turn LEDs on
RGB Off - Row1,Col4 Turn LEDs off
RGB Toggle - N/A1 Toggle LEDs
RGB Increase - Row1,Col1 Increase brightness (for fixed color) or speed (for variable mode)
RGB Decrease - Row1,Col2 2Decrease brightness (for fixed color) or speed (for variable mode)
RGB Fixed Color White Row2,Col4 Change LEDs to fixed color
Red Row2,Col1
Green Row2,Col2
Blue Row2,Col3
Red_1 Row3,Col1
Green_1 Row3,Col2
Blue_1 Row3,Col3
Red_2 Row4,Col1
Green_2 Row4,Col2
Blue_2 Row4,Col3
Red_3 Row5,Col1
Green_3 Row5,Col2
Blue_3 Row5,Col3
Red_4 Row6,Col1
Green_4 Row6,Col2
Blue_4 Row6,Col3
RGB Variable Mode Flash Row3,Col4 Change LEDs to variable mode
Strobe Row4,Col4
Fade Row5,Col4
Smooth Row6,Col4
RGB Step Fixed Color N/A1 Step through all fixed colors
Variable Mode N/A1 Step through all variable modes
1. These features are designed for saving Fn keys, no corresponded buttons on the remote.
2. Keyboard can memorize RGB LED status changed by Fn but not changed by the remote.

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